TV Technology Has Come a Long Way in Just a Few Years

In my previous article entitled “Teslas Do Need Oil Changes,” I compared Teslas to the Swiss mechanical watch. My central thesis was that the Swiss watches were designed using a different philosophy to design their timepieces. My conclusion was that they had a lot more fun, and they enjoyed tinkering with their clocks rather than fixing them. I would be willing to change my thesis to say that they want technology and the many ways it has been developed since its inception. But let us keep it simple for the sake of argument.

Technology is an ever-changing sum of knowledge, skills, processes, and techniques used to create products or services, including scientific research. The scope of technology has increased dramatically since its beginning and continues to do so in every sphere of human activity. This wide-ranging breadth of technological developments has meant that there are more types of technology, different ways in which these tools are used, and more complex levels in which they can be used. The diversity of technology is a result of the evolution of Society. As we know it, Society was born out of a desire to make things better and improve the community as a whole, which is a product of that evolution.

The complexity of some technologies like cell phones results from how Society has embraced a very narrow perspective. In this day and age, you can walk into any hardware store and find dozens of different cell phone models, each unique defining feature that sets it apart from all the rest. The goal of one person deciding which cell phone to purchase would be rugged. How could you possibly know which was the best for what kind of use, what features, network frequencies, etc.?

This wide variety of technological products is also a product of social change. Technology, in some shape or form, is constantly changing and advancing. One example of this is the invention of the television. There were just two significant types of TV sets available for a long time, tube and the small LCD screen model that sat on your entertainment system.

Then something like the development of HDTV changed the face of television viewing. Suddenly, a wide range of high-definition TV sets served to improve quality and allow viewers to enjoy a higher quality picture than ever before. The same kind of change has taken place in almost every other field of technology. Every day brings new advances and possibilities into the realm of technology.

So what can we do to keep up with this pace of change? Well, one thing that would be wise is to pay attention to the more minor advancements. Many tech-savvy people are starting to look at the more minor changes as much more critical to Society than the enormous technological leaps every day. More minor technological breakthroughs like HDTV might seem trivial at first, but they profoundly impact reality. A couple of years ago, when HDTV first came out, it marked a watershed moment in time when TV set owners could finally watch HDTV on their existing TV sets.

Now many people view HDTV as the beginning of the end for traditional TV sets. They fear that a mass moves away from the conventional TV sets and the new technology because they are easily accessible. If you would like to get into the game, you should seriously consider upgrading your current television set to an HDTV. You will quickly realize that there is so much more to this technology than you first discovered. You will probably even find that you want to learn more about it.

One of the most exciting things about this technology is that it has completely changed how we watch television. No longer do we have to settle for an overpriced high definition TV that takes up much room. With HDTV, we can see more detail and brighter colors that truly give life to movies and television shows. It is an exciting time to be alive as a TV fan because the only thing that can stand in front of HDTV are those mammoth televisions that cost so much money! It truly is a golden age for HDTV, and all who are interested in having the most quality picture for their money must join the revolution today!

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